About Us

Herbal therapy was our ancestral profession and they were used to cultivate natural herbs and developing medicine to cure many diseases which cannot be cured by synthetic medicine. Our ancestors were collecting herbs from The Shivalik Hills which is a mountain range of outer Himalayas. We have their developed formula and we are trying to correlate with new formulation and development technique. We are equally qualified to take care the legacy of our four father and we are ready to give all innovative therapy to this world. All are products are clinically proven and we have complete profile of the products so that anyone can understand the pharmacology of the developed products. We are having technical team who takes care dossier documentation for registration of our products across the world. You can contact us for further business association via email or what’s up or by calling on mobile. We have separate manufacturing facilities for herbal medicine, herbal cosmetics and healthcare supplements.

Himshivalik India is a WHO-GMP certified export house serving humanity. Innovation, caring relation and marketing is our mantra of success. We believe in “best quality of product and service at best price”.

We manufacture widest ranges of formulations in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, All products are supplied in the various permitted/suitable dosages in required pack sizes in the form of small volume liquid Parenterals, dry powder injectables, tablets (uncoated, sugar coated, enteric coated, film coated, chewable, sustained release and dispersible forms), capsules, dry syrups, liquid orals, sterile eye drops and ear drops and topical lotions for external applications.


  • Beta-lactam  dry powder injectables, Tablets, Capsules, dry syrup and suspension
  • Non-lactam liquid injectable, tablets, capsules, liquid orals
  • Herbal Medicine and Cosmetic
  • Health Supplements
  • Surgical Disposables



  • Nigeria, Zanzibar, Zambia, Yemen
  • Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,  Kirgizstan, Afghanistan


Core Competency

  • We can provide all type of DMF & dossier-ACTD, CTD, e-CTD
  • In house  Pharmacovigilance Service-DSUR, PSUR, ICSR, PSMF
  • Expert in analytical and clinical documentation


Medical Communication

  • Assisting associates with product monograph, newsletter, referenced article
  • Responding doctors query regarding products of our associates


Location & Facility

  • Headquartered in New Delhi, India
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, India